Recent Feedback from some of users

“You’d be surprised how few decent positive black male role models I’ve had in my life. You may never truly realise it but your blessed spirit and the spirit of Nilaari saved my life twice.. no joke bro!”


“Outstanding service. I really appreciate the support and help you offer. The acknowledgement and understanding of how cultural upbringings and past experiences could have impacted my childhood until now, and the different techniques and support to manage myself, understand myself better and build my relationships, have been amazing.”


“My mental and physical health was in decline and I lacked motivation to do anything. I am now beginning to regain my confidence and working through steps to help me get back on track to return to work, and the strength to leave the environment I was in and move forward with my life. Working through the steps with X, I am developing tools to help me get back to daily tasks and carve out time every day to focus on my mental health and wellbeing.”


Feedback from UWE students

“I learned more about other cultures and will be more upfront about asking service users direct questions (sensitively) and not jump to conclusions”
“More aware of discrimination and have the confidence to challenge it”